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[April 5, 2021] ... Permission granted by President, Della H., for Janet Mc to upload new website (with visitor counter). Note: photos need a signed release.
[February 2021] ... Board Meets and approves renewing domain name(s) and revised website. 1st Vice-President, Sandie H. collaborates with Janet Mc who volunteers to re-design the [1996] website.
[January 2021] ... Social Media Page launched by Sandie H and Della H.
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Feedback Comments

_*_ I found the group helped me talk about feelings that I was afraid to burden my family and friends with. I received heartfelt and helpful advice from people who really understood what I was feeling. [J.V.]

_*_The Widows/Widower Support Group helped me come to terms with my situation. I learned to accept the emotions I was feeling, because I was with others who shared my experience. [R.K.]

_*_No one understood what I was going through until I shared my thoughts at a Widows/Widower Support Group meeting. Now I understand that my feelings are normal and there are others who completely understand my situation. [D.M.]

_*_These lovely individuals gave me much needed support. They helped me to understand the grief process and that what I was experiencing was a normal part of the grief process. I also learned ways to help myself cope. Most importantly, I have make life-long friends. [L.K.]

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