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We are happy to announce that Widows Widowers Support Group Inc will be launching an evening group beginning Thursday, June 1st. Preston Young will be facilitating the meetings, which will be held in the Saguaro Christian Church library located at 8302 E Broadway (near Snaroff) from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

We appreciate those who step up to faciliate meetings to help the many of us, who are suffering the loss of a beloved spouse. We have found relief in our connections with others who are struggling with missing someone who once completed us. No one knows what it is like better than another widowed person--so cliche, yet so true. We help each other travel the difficult path of going from "we" to "me".

Many of our participants say they found the support of other group members, usually strangers who become friends, more meaningful than help they received from professional counseling. This may be due to the difference between academic training and actual experience in our situation.


Feedback ...

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___The Widows/Widower Support Group helped me come to terms with my situation. I learned to accept the emotions I was feeling, because I was with others who shared my experience. [R.K.]

___ I found the group helped me talk about feelings that I was afraid to burden my family and friends with. I received heartfelt and helpful advice from people who really understood what I was feeling. [J.V.]

___No one understood what I was going through until I shared my thoughts at a Widows/Widower Support Group meeting. Now I understand that my feelings are normal and there are others who completely understand my situation. [D.M.]

___These lovely individuals gave me much needed support. They helped me to understand the grief process and that what I was experiencing was a normal part of the grief process. I also learned ways to help myself cope. Most importantly, I have make life-long friends. [L.K.]


Note: Some meetings may not be posted on website.

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__ April 2023 __
Executive Board of Directors meeting. Discussion to continue acquition by JFCS. News of Thursday evening group at Saguaro Christian Church. Printing brochures for new locations.

__ February 2023 __
Executive Board of Directors meeting. Approved funding webpage hosting and both domain names was annual payment due in March.

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__April 2022 __
Executive Board of Directors meeting. Continue funding webpage hosting and purchase second web domain name: widowedtowidowed.com

__ January 2022 __
Elected Board and Members continued discussions for possible JFCC acquisition.

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__ Nov. 19, 2021 __
Email to Membership results of Voter Ballots.
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__ Nov. 9, 2021 __
Ballots to be sent out following the Q&A meeting with JFCC.

__ Oct. 15, 2021__
via Email, notification of a General Meeting

__ April 5, 2021 __
New website uploaded by Janet Mc. (view visitor counter and photos with signed release) and she will maintain and update content per board approval.

__ February 2021 __
Board approves renewing website domain names { .org and .com } and to revise the [1996] website.
President, Della H and 1st Vice-President, Sandie H. collaborate with Janet Mc. who volunteers to re-design/code web pages.

__ January 2021 __
acebook created. Social Media Page launched by Board Members.
Sandie H and Della H. maintain this site.
You may request to join this private group [via Facebook link].