Widows/Widowers Support Group
Member Comments

I found the group helped me talk about feelings that I was afraid to burden my family and freinds with. I received heartfelt and helpful advice from people who really understood what I was feeling.

The Widows/Widower Support Group helped me come to terms with my situation. I learned to accept the emotions I was feeling, because I was with others who shared my experience.

No one understood what I was going through until I shared my thoughts at a Widows/Widower Support Group meeting. Now I understand that my feelings are normal and there are others who completely understand my situation.

These lovely individuals gave me much needed support. They helped me to understand the grief process and that what I was experiencing was a normal part of the grief process. I also learned ways to help myself cope. Most importantly, I have make life-long friends.

Widows/Widowers Support Group, Inc. 16005 W. Pinacate Ave., Tucson, AZ 85736   Phone: (520) 884-4570