Widows/Widowers Support Group
About Us

Widows/Widowers Support Group is for individuals who have lost a spouse. Support is given through talking and listening to others about our experiences. This is a way to process grief and to encourage members to talk when they are ready to do so.

We are not professionals giving advice, nor are we a 12-step program. We simply share what we have experienced, how we have dealt with those experiences, and where we are in the grieving process. We offer each other support and help each other rebuild our lives.

Everything that happens in the support group is confidential. What is said in the meeting room, stays in the room.

We are here to provide a safe, comfortable environment where all of us can share our thoughts, feelings and experiences with others who have lost a spouse.

Support comes not only from the discussion/sharing groups but also in the friendships made with others in grief.

Other Activities:
Social events such as potlucks, restaurant outings, tours, etc. are arranged as members have the opportunity. Groups on occasion invite guest speakers on topics ranging from health to wills to fraud against vulnerable people.

Outreach efforts include flyers placed with libraries, doctor offices, and hospitals as well as hospices.

Our founder, Genevieve Ginsburg, has written a wonderful book currently titled "Widow To Widow" and available at any of the meetings as well as Fisher Books in Tucson. It is also available on tape from the Arizona Talking Book Library, 1030 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85008-5195 (800-255-5578) and through interlibrary loan, but not commercially.

Widows/Widowers Support Group, Inc. 16005 W. Pinacate Ave., Tucson, AZ 85736   Phone: (520) 884-4570